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When we use a sandblasting method for our work, we employ a double process to insure crisp, clean and consistent inscriptions and designs. Beautiful designs and names can be carved on the granite with this process. A flat sheet of rubber is first placed on top of the granite, and the design area is cut out.

The granite surface is then cleared of its polish using a fine steel medium and air pressure. The rubber for the design is then reinstalled and the definition lines are cut out of the rubber, then fine particles of abrasive are blown by air pressure against the monument.

The abrasive cuts away the granite not protected by the rubber. The rubber is removed, leaving a beautiful design carved in the monument. There are two styles in sandblast carving listed below. The choice of carving will influence the overall cost of the memorial.

Flat Carved

The first method is called flat carved, when the outline of the design is carved and the interior of the design is paneled.

Shaped Carved

The second style is called shaped carved, where the outline of the design is carved and the interior of the design is shaped to provide a relief look to the design. This method works well for flowers and plants.

Sculpture Work

Individually sculpted expressions of love and honor are hand carved from the finest domestic and imported granites.

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