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 The Memorial is not a Commodity

The intelligent selection of a memorial is a lesson in design. Study the work of the memorial craftsman you patronize. Investigate his reputation for intelligent service in design. The memorial is not a commodity to be bought in bulk and bargained over. The sincere memorial craftsman takes an artists pride in what they do. They are not merchandisers interested only in making a sale. The merchandiser rarely achieves a result worthy to be called a memorial. However inexpensive the memorial may be, it can and should be a product of design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Many families in this community have entrusted us with their memorial needs because of our quality craftsmanship, honesty, and value. It would be an honor to serve you.

Endicott Artistic Memorial Company Inc. Is a proud member of the New York State Mounment Builders Association.

We are also a member of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce.

Computer Drawings

At Endicott Artistic we do the actual carving work here in our shop. Our designer will set up your selections in our computer. This allows the family to view their selections as they actually will appear on your monument. The lettering and designs are in actual proportion to the size of the monument. We will work with each customer in drawing a personalized memorial.

From a Drawing

To a Completed Memorial    

Before we begin production of your monument, you will be afforded the opportunity to see the design laid out, full size on the actual material before we carve it... If you can't decide on one design or lettering style, It is not a problem for us. Making changes on paper and working with the customer allows them to see the finished design and usually helps to clarify in their mind just how the memorial will appear.

We are the only monument company in the area with our own complete manufacturing facility, meaning we do all of our own carving, etching and lettering here in Endicott NY.

This ensures that your memorial will be of superior quality. When looking at monument companies to purchase you or your loved one's memorial, ask yourself these questions:

Is the person or company selling the monument a true professional, willing to give me the time and attention I need to make the best choice for me?

Are they a full-service firm that offers memorials as their main business? Do they have a shop and do their own carving, lettering and installation?

Can they show me a full size drawing and the blank stone that will be used for my memorial?

Can they show me a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors? Are they willing to work with me to create a personalized design?

If the answers to these questions are yes, you can be sure you are doing business with a firm that offers full value for the price and can provide the service you and your family want and deserve.

We invite you to stop by our office at 2503 East Main Street Endicott NY for a tour and explanation of our design and manufacturing process.

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