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Prior to 1912, The building Endicott Artistic Memorial Company currently exists in served as solely a production facility where monuments were carved. Somewhere around 1912, Wilbur A. Rice established it as the Endicott-Union Granite and Marble Works.

In 1925 John Bonazzi bought the business and renamed it to its current name Endicott Artistic Memorial Company

In 1948 Vito Camarda began working for Mr. Bonazzi in an apprenticeship capacity.

In 1954 Vito Camarda and Donald Mastro purchased the business.

Dennis Camarda began working with his father Vito in 1970 at the business.

In 1985 Dennis Camarda took over ownership of the business from Vito and is the owner today.

Endicott Artistic Memorial Company has a long, rich history and pride in the fact that we have been in operation for over 100 years. Maintaining a tradition and reputation for being the premier creators of lasting and beautiful memorials for the Southern Tier and far beyond that area.

We've had the privilege of creating monuments for many families in the region and take great pride in the fact we are the only Company in the Binghamton NY area the actually do our own design, carving, etching as well as many other aspect of the trade.

Our expertise and knowledge is actually sought out by our competitors when they need to ask questions regarding this business.

Let us put our combined experience of over 60 years in this industry to work for you to help create a lasting, beautiful tribute for your family

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