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The Basics in Choosing a Memorial

Purchasing a memorial is a unique experience. You are making decisions that will endure for generations.

Very often, those decisions must represent the varied wishes and opinions of family members. We at Endicott Artistic Memorial Company would be honored to assist you. Our trained professionals can help guide you through the important decisions involved in creating a memorial of everlasting beauty.

Step One

We can help you to determine the requirements and/or regulations of your cemetery. Ideally it is best to know what style of a memorial you would prefer to place on your family site before purchasing the burial property. Many cemeteries have monument size/ shape requirements and or restrictions that are based on the number of graves a family owns. Some cemeteries sections only allow upright memorials, while others require bronze markers. For help in finding the correct choice for you, please feel free to call us or stop in.

There is no obligation/cost for this service.

Step Two

Selecting a style and color of the memorial. Memorials can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Granite color varies depending on where it was quarried. We import granite from all over the world and offer a selection of beautiful granite colors from North America. Memorial price depends, in part, on your choice of granite.

Step Three

To make a memorial design, your family's personal tribute to a loved one, please consider several important questions:

1) What shape of stone do you prefer?

2) What design elements should your memorial feature?

3) Would you like to inscribe a family saying or religious verse?

4) What other personal elements are important for your memorial?

The best way to answer these questions is to visit us, see our showroom and let us guide you through the process.

Our location has THE LARGEST indoor display of monuments in the area.

Depending on style and granite color, your memorial can take from six weeks to six months to be made. Popular granite colors and sizes are often already in inventory or easier to obtain than some imported colors, so many memorials can be delivered in 6-12 weeks. We are the only monument company in the area with our own manufacturing facilities on site, which ensures that your memorial will be of superior quality.

Monument Buyers Guide

It may get even more confusing when you actually begin looking for a monument to purchase... however, we definitely encourage you to go to the display location where you intend to purchase. If you look at two or more companies you may find that there is different terminology used by each company. Each company will have their own "standard size" and it could be difficult to compare sizes between two locations. Because of this we have listed some information to assist you when selecting a monument. Below are things you should be informed of before you can make a good value comparison.

Make certain you are comparing "apples to apples".

Keep in mind, just because it is the same size does not mean it is the same quality. Like diamonds, there are many different grades of granite. More importantly, the carving and lettering is extremely labor intensive and can be done in a variety of ways. The quality of your memorial should be a major factor when purchasing.

Is there a reason the price is less? When it comes to the final decision many times the lowest bidder is difficult to ignore, however, ask yourself if this person or company will be in business in years to come?

Remember you are purchasing a monument because you loved someone ... not because it is the cheapest.

How long have they been in business? Expertise in the monument business is only based on years of personal experience, not in the years the company has been in existence. Purchase from someone that knows monuments.

Does this person or business have a manufacturing facility? Several one-man monument companies have come and gone in the Southern Tier. Another question is, Will this person or company be there if something goes wrong?

If additional lettering or work on the memorial is needed, can I count on them to complete this for me?

Always remember, "you get what you pay for" applies in monuments also.

Many times representatives at a funeral home or cemetery are working on a commission and know little about monuments. Find out where the monument would be manufactured and what options you have. Some cemeteries have been known to say the monument must be purchased from them to be guaranteed. If you are told this, you should contact the Attorney General’s office-consumer protection division because this is simply not true. You can purchase your monument wherever you desire, just make certain the company is familiar with your cemetery requirements.

Other important considerations are

The type of lettering. Make certain the company double processes their carving and lettering. The carvings type/style are a major factor in the final cost. Ask about what will be done in regards to this and ask to see examples. Demand double-process carving and lettering.

Double process lettering will ensure you a sharp crisp letter. A single process takes much less time and costs much less. There is a major difference between the two processes; always ask before you purchase.

  • Is there a big difference in monumental granite?
  • Are brand name products really as good as advertised?
  • Can you purchase a comparable, or a better monument at a lower price?
  • Does this make a difference in the cost of a monument?
  • What costs are included in the total purchase price on a contract?
  • Does the total purchase price include added costs such as referral fees or commissions? Added charges resulting in higher prices with no added value to your monument.
  • Is the foundation charge included in this price?
  • Will you and your family be offered a customer approval service?
  • Endicott Artistic Memorial Co. Inc. offers this service to all of its customers. It is the opportunity to examine their memorial before it is carved, lettered and installed in the cemetery. We offer this service because sometimes brochures, sketches and full-size drawings can be misleading.
  • You should be able to see the actual material and size of the monument purchased.
  • You should be able to see the actual design and lettering drawn out on your monument before it is ever manufactured.
  • You will have explained to you, in detail, how your monument will appear carved by a trained, highly skilled professional?
  • You, the customer, should have the final approval before any work is ever completed on your memorial.

The above questions and statements are just a few of the important items we would be glad to discuss with you in detail. We feel this information will help you make an intelligent and informed decision. This information will help you purchase a monument that is right for you and your family. If you are interested in discussing the above items or have any questions at all, please call us for an appointment at (607) 785-3731, via e-mail at or feel free to stop by at your convenience. If you are unable to meet at our place of business, we would be happy to meet with you and your family at your home.

We certainly would appreciate the opportunity to serve you regarding your monument. We realize this is a very important decision and we are here to assist you.

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