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Before you buy cemetery property please consider the following information:

A.  Do you know what type of memorial you would want for your family or loved one?

B.  If not, Please consider the following advice. Stop at a reputable memorial dealer first. Endicott Artistic Memorial Company will provide free of charge and with no obligation information regarding the choices of memorials available in today's market.

C. From there, proceed to the cemetery of your choice. Present your memorial selection to the cemetery salesperson. Ask what property will accommodate your choice and purchase it. This is advisable for at need and preneed situations.

D. What will you accomplish if you use this method? You will never hear these words:  " Our rules do not allow your memorial choice on your grave site."

E. Finally, now you can take your time in purchasing a memorial with the comfort and knowledge that you can have what you want, when you want it.

    Below are some links in order to help you the consumer in dealing with cemetery, funeral and memorial needs

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